Pastors Brian and Kristi Phillips met in Bible School in the early mid 90’s. They were married in 1998 and have four children. Before they planted The Grove in 2007, Brian was a Youth Director for the state of Illinois. He networked with local churches to host city wide events to preach the gospel of Christ to students.

In 2002, both of them knew that they were to plant a church, but it wasn’t the right season. When this first came about, they continually asked “why?”. Neither of them fit the mold of traditional pastors.They weren’t sure why God had chosen them and they struggled with it for a few years.

Many opportunities arose for them to plant churches but nothing felt right. In the summer of 2006 God said to both of them “plant a church, become harvesters of the broken and the lost.” After that, they never asked “why” again, instead they asked “how and where”.

Now in 2015, after eight years of hard work The Grove has a headquarters and a strong movement to reach a broken world and advance the Kingdom within the Nations.

A wonderful group of diverse individuals has joined their leadership team to provide the backbone for a thriving church that’s growing into a community of caring individuals. It is their mission to train and equip a movement of people who take seriously what it means to follow Jesus. Who dedicate their lives and resources to help people move from darkness to light.


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